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Top 10 countries in Asia countries to expatriate regarding health and well-being.

Are you looking to move in Asia? No worries, Expatmedicare has established for you the top 10 countries in Asia to expatriate! There are different aspects to consider when you want to move to in another country. Among the most important, health and wellbeing. So this is our top 10 countries in Asia :

10. Indonesian

The world’s largest archipelago has idyllic beaches, lush mountain ranges, and cities teeming with activities and opportunities. Indonesia is one of the popular destinations for expatriation, thanks to many opportunities. However, the health system is not on the same standards as Europe. Thus be careful to take out good health coverage to cover the costs of private clinics.

9. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a great place to go to work. Its bustling economy offers you many career opportunities and a very active life. However, you will have to adapt to the culture shock that will await you upon your arrival, as well as the strong air pollution. The health system is good there, especially in private hospitals, but these are often at high prices.

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8. Philippines

A booming economy, beautiful beaches, tasty and varied food, a low cost of living, and a unique nature make so many reasons to settle in the Philippines. The country is covered by National Philhealth health insurance. But the healthcare system is inferior to the other countries on the list. So take your precautions and have good health insurance.

7. Vietnam

Nothing is easier in Vietnam than finding a job. Add to that a welcoming population and fascinating culture, modern hospitals in cities and Vietnam deserves its place in our top 10 countries in Asia. Take your precautions all the same because the pollution is important there. In addition, you may be in contact with certain viral diseases such as malaria.

6. Thailand

The quality of life is very interesting there thanks to its mild climate, its cost of living much lower than in Europe, its luxuriant nature and its relaxed rhythm of life. Its health system in large cities is very satisfactory, making Thailand one of the best destinations for expatriation.

5. South Korea

With one of the most advanced health systems, which has been able to resist the Covid-19 pandemic. South Korea stands out for its unparalleled quality of life. Between large cities and captivating nature, it deserves a place in this ranking.

4. Malaysia

Malaysia is also a favorite destination. With its strong mix of cultures, it will be easy for you to integrate. Its cost of living is very low, and it is easy to enjoy it, with its wide choice of foods. The medical network is developed, and the staff often trained in the UK, making Malaysia an increasingly popular destination for medical tourism in Asia.

3. Singapore

With its sweltering heat, Singapore is an ideal destination for work. The country is full of jobs, and English is spoken by the entire population. Its infrastructure, education and health system give Singapore a very good quality of life, although it is fairly well communicated. Thus you will need good insurance to avoid paying the sometimes exorbitant prices for care. The country is however very strict with the pandemic and can penalize expatriates which prevents it from taking second place in our top 10 Asian countries. More information on the Singaporean health system.

2. Japan

Japan may attract you with its unique and fascinating culture, unparalleled security, and appetite for young talent. The quality of life is better there, and its health system is one of the best in the world. Indeed it is modern and has public and national health insurance available to all people living in Japan. However, it is strongly recommended that expatriates take out health insurance before their departure due to very high health costs.

1. Taiwan

Country where one is the happiest in Asia, Taiwan will know how to conquer you with its cheap life, its career opportunities, its security and its health system. The country indeed has accessible and quality care, as well as good health coverage, the National Health Insurance. However, it is reserved for emergencies in public hospitals, so additional health insurance is important. A life of comfort you are witnessing in this country which deserves its first place in the ranking of this top 10 of Asian countries!

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The best way to protect yourself against health costs is to purchase local or international health insurance.

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Health insurance will cover you and your family by reimbursing your health expenses. This insurance may even advance the costs, allowing you to seek treatment as quickly as possible. As in Thailand, where the hospitals can ask you to pay in advance.

If you want to purchase insurance with international coverage, it will work in many countries (within the coverage area of ​​the chosen insurance policy). Thus, if you prefer to seek treatment in your country of origin or another country in the event of a specific pathology, you can  medical costs will be covered.

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The easiest way is to compare all the offers one by one. But the waste of time will be considerable.

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