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We are an International Health Insurance Comparator for Expats Worldwide.

We advise expatriates on their international health Insurance.


A thorough understanding of your requirement and situation will enable us to advise you better. Thus, giving you a more personalized solution thanks to our health insurance comparator for expats

ABOUT Expatmedicare

We understand that finding the right solution for you and your family can be a confusing exercise. It is not easy to know what to select from hundreds of international health insurance options.

At the same time, this process is absolutely necessary. This is why we aim to guide you on some of the basic important information for you to make the right decision.

Expatmedicare online is a professional and fully independent intermediary that specializes in looking after the health and medical insurance matters of expatriates. We have been providing health and medical insurance advice since 2008. Looking after the interests of our clients is our primary focus.

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At Expatmedicare, we specialize in advising expatriates on their international health insurance.

We realize that finding the right solution for you and your family can be an intimidating and confusing exercise.

Yet. Insurances are totally necessary and they do matter. 


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Expatmedicare online is a professional and fully independent intermediary that specializes in looking after the health and medical insurance matters of expatriates. We have been providing health and medical insurance advice since 2008. Looking after the interests of our clients is our primary focus.

As an intermediary, we provide a comprehensive range of services. In addition, the price we quote is the same, or in certain cases lower than direct purchase from the insurer. So why use an intermediary? Because you can rely on our experience and expertise to help you review your current health and medical plan. You can depend on us to evaluate your needs and concerns, research the market for the most suitable and cost-effective products and provide you with an apple-to-apple comparison. We also give you a clear explanation of the premium and benefits, provide recommendations and advice, assist with your application and claims, and settle any disputes between you and any insurer we may have recommended. Our advice is independent and impartial, and we can assist you in your decision-making process.

As we represent most of the major insurers in the world, we can select the best products for you. We offer free health and medical insurance advice and no obligation quotes across the Internet.

To ensure that we offer our clients the best solutions for international health insurance, we constantly research the market to always represent the most competitive products. We pre-select trustworthy and reliable insurers to work with. We base this on their credibility, level of customer service, quality of their coverage, premium competitiveness, their financial condition, and speed in responding to claims and medical emergencies worldwide. We believe they will best cater to the different needs and concerns of our clients – individuals, couples, or families.

Why is it important to choose the right health expat insurance?

When settling in a new country, it is essential to choose the right expat health insurance. Whether you want to cover the essentials or find expatriate maternity cover, it is important to be well informed and contact the right people.

There are a lot of criteria that affect the subscription of expatriate health insurance, and it is sometimes difficult to find whether, between the level of guarantee sought, your age, your country of expatriation and origin as well as your family situation. , there are many solutions. To help you in your search, it is important to get good advice. You can find those advices on a health insurance comparator for expats as Expatmedicare  

Are you planning to move abroad? Already there?
Student, do you want to be covered during your studies abroad?
Short break or business trip?
Do you want expatriate maternity insurance?
Are you an employer and want to insure your employees?
You're French ? or European? and want to join CFE?

Finding the right solution for you and your family can be a long and tricky exercise. It is with this in mind that the Expatmedicare teams are specialized in advising expatriates all over the world, to help them find tailor-made international health insurance, thanks to our health insurance comparator for expats.

Indeed, when you decide to expatriate, it is very important to know the constraints and the costs that the care provided abroad can generate. What warranty are you covered for? what to do in case of hospitalization? find the nearest doctor who can communicate in a language you know? use teleconsultation? Can you be reimbursed for medical costs such as a consultation with a general practitioner or specialist, pharmacy costs?

So much data to understand before or during his expatriation, and which requires to be perfectly advised in the purchase of his international health insurance.

There are different ways to cover yourself, one of them is the Caisse des Français de l'Etranger. Combined with a good complementary CFE, this solution often represents very good value for money and is ideal for a family, or a future family thanks to the maternity cover for expatriates automatically included.

This possibility offers French expatriates as well as EU, EEA and Swiss nationals, wishing to cover their health costs a complete and stable solution, which can accompany them in their expatriation.

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Charles PerotCharles Perot
13:18 12 Apr 23
Service réactif et très bon contact avec M. Silva
Anne PeirisAnne Peiris
10:53 16 Nov 22
Recommande fortement leurs services, m'a aidé avec toutes les options d'assurance et m'a fait comprendre les meilleures options pour moi.Le meilleur choix pour les expatriés !
Guillaume DerivetGuillaume Derivet
15:42 15 Nov 22
Je recommande !
06:56 25 Apr 22
Candice CouleuvreCandice Couleuvre
15:06 21 Apr 22
Super service !Je recommande
Alex CrementAlex Crement
03:03 21 Oct 21
Je suis parti m'expatrier a Hong Kong, et je ne connaissais rien a l'assurance, encore moins pour les expats. L'equipe de Expatmedicare m'a accompagne tout au long du processus pour que je puisse trouver la meilleure offre possible pour moi et ma famille ! Encore désole d'avoir mis autant de temps a vous renvoyer mes documents !!
Je suis parti m'expatrier à Singapour, ils m'ont bien accompagné et donné de bons conseils pour mon assurance. En plus, de super tips pour bien vivre mon expatriation. Je recommande

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