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The Cost of Health in Vietnam

With a population of 92.7 million, Vietnam is increasingly innovating in the field of medicine. The country welcomes doctors from all over the world and is increasingly developing its technologies. The cost of health care in Vietnam is very affordable, especially for expatriates, whether in public or private establishments. We explain everything about the cost of health in Vietnam!

Costs of medical consultation in Vietnam

Consultation with a Private General Practitioner in Vietnam

Consultation with a private general practitioner in Vietnam typically costs between 900,000 and 1.6 million, or between 33 and 59 euros. This can be more expensive if you consult a doctor in reputable clinics. Indeed, the cost of a consultation with a Vietnamese doctor in a hospital is on average 2 million dongs, or 75 euros, or 2.2 million dongs (82 euros) for an expatriate doctor in a similar establishment.

Consultation with a private specialist physician

Depending on its specialization, the consultation of a private doctor can generally cost between 1 and 1.7 million dongs, or between 37 and 63 euros. If you visit an international clinic, the price can rise to around 2.9 million dongs, or 108 euros.

Consultation with a private dentist

The cost of a consultation with a private dentist in Vietnam is very different from what one can know in France. Indeed, the routine consultation is usually free or around 10 euros. Depending on the desired services, however, the rates remain reasonable. For example, laying a dental crown costs between 800,000 and 7 million dongs, or 261 euros maximum.

Hospitals in Vietnam

There are several hospitals in Vietnam, some are international, others specific to the French. In the hospitals mentioned below, French doctors work there.

Main Hospitals in Hanoi

The main hospitals in Hanoi are the French hospital in Hanoi, the SOS International Clinic and the Hanoi Family Clinic.

Main hospitals in Ho Chi Minh

The main hospitals in Ho Chi Minh are the International Medical Center (CMI), the SOS Clinic, the Franco-Vietnamese Hospital or the diag Center.

The cost of private hospitals in Vietnam

Hospitals in Vietnam charge completely different rates from one institution to another. For a stay of 24 hours, the price is on average around 20 to 24 million dongs, or about 800 euros.


Quality of care in Vietnam

Healthcare in the public sector in Vietnam

The quality of care in Vietnam in public institutions, however, leaves much to be desired. Despite the progress made in recent years, establishments are not well equipped and hygiene rules are poorly respected. In public institutions, you will have little chance of finding doctors who speak English and even less French. However, the rates are very affordable for Vietnamese and especially for expats. A consultation costs on average 5 euros, depending on the care needed.

Private Sector Care in Vietnam

The quality of care in private institutions in Vietnam is satisfactory. However, there is a lack of advanced equipment and technology. For more specific care, you can visit Thailand or Singapore. In private institutions, you will be able to meet French doctors and especially doctors who speak English. Private doctors have been trained or come from Europe.

Essential information

Emergency numbers Vietnam

You must know the emergency numbers that can be used at any time in Vietnam:

  • Police: 113
  • Firefighters: 114
  • Ambulance: 115
  • International Ambulance: (04) 574 11 11

Vaccination for Vietnam

To enter Vietnam, it is recommended to carry out certain vaccines such as Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, Japanese encephalitis, flu or rabies. It depends on the season you are going to Vietnam or the length of your stay.

Vietnam therefore allows everyone to access care in public or private facilities. In order to access the different treatments and have a good coverage, you can contract insurance for expats for your stay in Vietnam.

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