Expat health Insurance

Expat health insurance

WHAT is expat health insurance?

Like international health insurance, expat health insurance pays for medical expenses and provides expatriates the security they need to live abroad. An expat health insurance will cover medical treatment in your country of expatriation as well as overseas. The global coverage is very important as your country of expatriation may not provide the international medical standard required to handle your medical condition. Having the possibility to choose where to get your medical treatment is very important, especially for long term treatment. Many expatriates prefer going back to their home country to seek medical treatment in an environment and language they are familiar with. Such flexibility is the key advantage in expat health insurance.

How to choose an expat
health insurance plan?

There is no international standard or supervisory body for expat health insurance; all policies may look the same in the summary of benefits. However, without looking at policy wording and policy details, you won’t be able to compare medical plans and understand their restrictions. The premium can be much higher for coverage that looks the same. Many factors that may not be mentioned in the policy summary will impact the premium, and of course, your coverage when you need it the most – Will the plan offer long term protection? Will it cover chronic conditions? What about elective treatment at expensive medical facilities? What is the possibility of evacuation to the nearest country with better medical facilities?

It is important to work with professionals that understand your situation and know the costs of medical treatment in the country you are residing.

How to obtain expat
health insurance?

Having the choice of many plans is great. But, will you have the time and expertise to go through all of them and select the right plan for your situation? It is important to select an insurance intermediary that understands your needs and can recommend the right product. Since 2008, Expatmedicare has been advising expatriates all over the world on their insurance needs. Talk to one of our advisors to get the best plan for you and your family.

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