International health insurance

International health insurance

WHAT is international health insurance?

Whether it’s called international health and medical insurance or expat medical insurance, it all refers to the same thing. They serve the same purpose which is to provide the insured person with access to more choices and a high level of medical advice, treatment, and facilities wherever and whenever required. The main objective of international medical insurance is to pay for the cost of active treatment, which is the treatment for acute conditions (a short-term illness, disease or injury) and for other costs such as hospital accommodation, nursing, emergency dental treatment, etc. Depending on the type of insurance, it can include the cover for other treatments such as out-patient, dental, optical or maternity.

How to choose international
health insurance?

With over hundreds of insurers and thousands of products available, how do you ensure that you have researched thoroughly and made the right decision for you and your loved ones? A decision that will give you peace of mind and relieve you of any financial burden in case of unforeseen illness or accident.

First, if you are employed, find out if your employer has included medical insurance as part of your staff welfare benefits. If not, and if you decide to cover yourself, you have to understand your needs and what is available in the market.

It is important to keep in mind that you should go for value versus cost. Choose the insurance that best suits your needs at the most affordable price. Do not choose insurance with low coverage because it has the cheapest premium

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