What is the best international health insurance ?

What is the best international health insurance?

Are you preparing for a new expat life? Or are you looking for a new expat health insurance? Indeed it is important to be well insured at the right price. A lot of insurance exists on the market. And compare it,  is a good exercise to find the perfect international health insurance. So what is the best international health insurance?

Here’s a handy guide to help you find the best expat insurance.

What is an international health insurance and why subscribe?

Expatriate insurance does not work like social security. And you may loose your social security right once you live in an other country. And unfortunately an accident quickly happened, as well as an illness and hospitalization.

The costs are often very high. And only international health insurance can cover it. While ensuring the best care.

If you are traveling this may be included in your insurance. If not, this guide is for you.

Supported by your employer?

Your employer can offer you an insurance in your package. This requires a study of this coverage, in order to have the best coverage, for you and your family.

What is the best international health insurance?

The best expatriate insurance depends on several criteria. But it is specific each situation. Thus a 4 peoples family  have different requirement compared to a young couple.

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Why choose a high-end health international insurance here

The main criteria for choosing an international health insurance are:

  • The budget
  • Your situation
  • Your needs

You can use an international insurance comparator online. They are professionals, for this reason they will be able to offer you the most suitable solutions.

How work an health insurance for expatriates ?

The principle is simple. All the health costs are covered, up to the medical cost billed. This type of contract is offered by private insurance companies specializing in international health coverage. These generally have partnerships with local health care networks in many countries.

  • They reimburse health costs from the first euro spent. Up to the health rates charged in the country where the care is received.
  • Dozens of differents solutions
  • Possible to cover medical costs, while simplifying the procedures as much as possible.
  • Establishment of direct payment, allowing costs not to be advanced.

To go further and find out what can increase or decrease your premium ? here

Are you french ? or your husband/wife is french ? CFE is a really good option for french expatriates. You can check their website and our post on the CFE + complementary options.

Beware of pre-existing conditions

The insurers will ask you for a medical questionnaire. And it can increase the price and generate exclusions. So you must take it into consideration before buying an health insurance. Some insurance policies can’t cover pre-existing conditions. Indeed you can ask your insurance broker, to know what is the best solution.

Some tips for insuring your pre-existing condition here


In conclusion, there is no one international insurance that is more effective than another. Finally, it depends on you, your situation and your budget. You can also get help from professionals who will be able to guide you and understand your needs.

For this purpose if you need more advice contact us here

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