What is Movember?

Movember is an annual event organized by the Movember Foundation Charity. Every year in November, men around the world are invited to grow a moustache to raise awareness and raise funds for research into male diseases such as prostate cancer. The name comes from the contraction of “mo”, abbreviation of moustache in Australian English, and “November” (November). Since 2003, this Australian foundation has taken up the challenge of “changing the face of men’s health

The origin of the movement?

It was in Adelaide, Australia, in 1999, that a group of 80 people took on the challenge of growing a moustache for the first time throughout the month of November. Taking advantage of the originality of the concept, they sell t-shirts that allow them to raise funds for charities such as the RSCPA (association against cruelty to animals). However, the initiative remains anecdotal and local.

In 2003, a group of friends from Melbourne seized on the idea. Noting that men pay less attention to their health than women and that male diseases remain taboo, these Australians invite 30 men to grow moustaches for 30 days. The purpose of this operation is to draw attention to male diseases such as prostate cancer and to raise funds for medical research. The association particularly focuses its action in favour of the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Its Operation?

Men who want to take part in Movember register on the foundation’s official website, movember.com, and start the month clean shaven. Officially becoming “Mo Bros”, they owe it to themselves to grow their moustache and maintain it throughout the month of November5. No goatee or beard is allowed, hairs should be concentrated only above the upper lip.

In addition to displaying their support for the cause in a pillar fashion, participants are encouraged to collect donations, particularly through social media. Each country that supports Movember has its own fan page on the Facebook site. Men taking part in the event post photos of their moustache growing progress and encourage their friends to fund the charity they have chosen. The Mo Bros thus support each other, dispensing advice, and encouragement.

The causes supported ?

  1. Mental health:

Why mental health?

The consequences of poor mental health can be fatal. Every minute a man commits suicide in the world. Men, regardless of their age group, are often unaware that they have a mental health problem and do not dare to seek help. Stereotypes about men’s relationship to their virility prevent them from being cured.

How does the association help men maintain good mental health?

By committing to address the issue of mental health in the case of men specifically and to ensure that every program funded and supported is tailored to them. Initiatives that:

  • Develop successful and scalable models to improve men’s mental health and well-being.
  • Challenge negative ideas about masculinity and the impact these can have on mental health.
  • Encourage men to stay in touch with friends and family.
  • Start conversations about mental health outside the health system


  1. Prostate cancer

Why prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men worldwide, with more than 1.3 million cases recorded each year. Even when effective, treatment can leave marks on the physical and mental health of those affected.

How does the association fight against prostate cancer?

By speeding up research to get the best possible results after diagnosis and to ensure that all men have access to the information, they need to take care of their health. With investments that:

  • Increase global knowledge of prostate cancer through research.
  • Test and implement ways to improve men’s lives, from diagnosis through treatment, decision making, active recovery and well-being.
  • Raise public awareness and ensure that prostate cancer is a public priority.
  • Educate men so they know when and how to act.


  1. Testicular cancer

Why testicular cancer?

In most cases (more than 95%), a diagnosis of testicular cancer results in treatments that have worked. s proven and to good results. Unfortunately, a small percentage of men and adolescents do not benefit from these positive results, and more needs to be done to support these men through diagnosis and treatment, to accompany them towards healthy and long lives after cancer.

How to fight against testicular cancer?

By working together to think about solutions that will dramatically change the way men with testicular cancer are cared for and supported. The association funds initiatives that:

  • Increase the global scientific understanding of testicular cancer and its treatments and outcomes.
  • Provide proactive support to men and boys affected by testicular cancer and their families.
  • Inform men about risk factors and encourage them to seek treatment.

To support the association, you can go to their website https://movember.com and why not let yourself be pushed to Moustache.

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