Student Travel Insurance

student travel insurance

WHAT is student travel insurance?

Student travel insurance is a travel insurance covering any overseas trips by your school or required for your visa application. It will cover medical expenses during your trip. Student travel insurance will pay for an unforeseen illness or accident while living abroad until you are recovered or back to your home country. Coverage is limited to a maximum of 365 days but it can be renewed with the insurer’s approval. The key purpose of the student travel insurance is to cover the medical expenses that may arise during your trip, but it can also include accident insurance, as well as emergency evacuation, loss of luggage, trip cancellation or delays.

why should you consider student travel insurance?

If you are over the age of 12 and taking part in an overseas program, you will most likely need to buy a student travel insurance to cover possible medical expenses in the country of travel. Your medical insurance in your home country will probably have restrictions, or existing coverage may not be enough to cover medical fees in the country you will visit. Hence, buying a student travel insurance for the whole length of your overseas trip will allow you to be properly insured. Check with your school, as it may be requested to validate your application process.

How to obtain student travel insurance?

Student travel insurance is very affordable insurance and many sites will offer you various policies. At Expatmedicare, we have selected for you products from ACS which you can buy online: the price is reasonable and benefits are ajustables based on your needs. ACS has been working in international mobility for more than 40 years and the quality of their service corresponds to our expectations.  Select the level of plan you need and get insured immediately!

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