Singapore health system

Singapore health system

You are planning to move to Singapore or lived there for a long time. It is important to understand the local health system. The care provided is a high standard, the hospitals are at the cutting edge of technology and the doctors extremely qualified. The Singapore health system is one of the best in the world.

With this article we will review the Singapore health system and see how to receive the best care.

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Some useful information

Ranked: 2nd best healthcare system

Life expectancy: 82,5 years

Population: 5 622 000

Healthcare cost: 4.9% of the PIB

Covid vaccination rate : 48%

Consultation with a general practitioner: Costs range from 40 to 100 SGD (25 to 62 euros).

Hospital care: From 1,200 to 9,600 SGD (750 – 6,000 euros) in a public hospital. In the private sector, from 17,700 to 20,800 SGD (11,100 – 13,000 euros). For light operations such as appendectomy.

Vaccinations: Only Hepatitis A is recommended. But you can get other vaccines, depends on the season and the situation. (Covid-19 information in Singapore here)

Emergencies: (police, fire brigade): 999 / (ambulance) 995

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The Singapore health system

Many studies on health care in Singapore prove that they are excellent. The proof, the health system of Singapore is often classified in the 3 best in the world. The complete list here

The qualification of doctors, the modernity of medical equipment and the quality of services have made Singapore the center of excellence for health in Asia. Both in the private sector and in the public. Gleneagles Hospital, for example (the address listed here) is among the top ten best hospitals in the world. Further Singapore has become the world capital of the fight against Cancer.

Finally, Singapore has 20 health establishments internationally accredited by the JCI (Joint Commission International), a certificate of excellence.

How Singapore health system work?

Singapore has an efficient and high-quality health system. However, care is extremely expensive for those who do not benefit from the Singaporean health system, which is why many foreigners purchase international health insurance in Singapore.

So how does this system work? The financing of Singapore’s health care system does not work like other countries. Health funding in Singapore allows citizens to allocate part of their salary to finance their medical expenses. Unused savings earns interest. Indeed the aim of this system is to avoid overconsumption of care.

The Singaporean state supports part of the expenses by subsidizing public hospitals up to 80%.

Indeed do not forget to check the cost of medical expenses for the establishments you wish to consult!

Overview of medical costs in Hong Kong

Expatriate health insurance in Singapore

The insurance system in Singapore is organized around 3 systems. Called 3M, these organizations offer flexible access to public and private hospitals. Singaporean health plans are compulsory, for Singaporean citizens as well as for permanent residents.

As an expatriate in Singapore, you are also subject to Medisave, Medishield or Medifund:


Medisave is a savings scheme for every citizen. Each employee contributes 7 to 9.5% of their monthly salary. These funds are usable for health care expenses. The funds are usable in private hospitals but at higher costs because there is no subsidy.


It is an optional public health insurance. Medishield aims to cover serious illnesses or costly care for which Medisave would not be sufficient.


Medifund is aimed at the most disadvantaged. It is a state fund with a capital of S $ 200 million.

Private health insurance approved by Medisave

It is also possible to purchase private health insurance from a list of insurance companies approved by Medisave (Medisave-approved Integrated Shield Plan). To access better quality care in private hospitals.

International health insurance

For ideal coverage, it is best to resort to international health insurance. This insurance can cover you fully in private hospitals, as well as internationally during your travels or if you want to be treated in your country of origin.

Private hospitals have the advantage of offering short deadlines and better service. This option is more comfortable but is also more expensive. International insurance can therefore cover this expense. International health insurance is generally first euro / dollar insurance, different from a mutual. If you or your spouse are French, you can also subscribe to the CFE and a supplement, more information here.

Finally international health insurance does not exempt you from membership in the Singaporean health system if you are a permanent resident. Your international medical coverage will come in addition.

Prepare your expatriation

Maternity in Singapore 

How to find this insurance?

The easiest way is to compare all the offers one by one. But the waste of time will be considerable.

To help you in this process, be help by a broker is often the most advantageous solution, because they can give you advice and direct you to the right insurance.

Our team of experts can help you with this process and help you to find the perfect insurance for your needs. In addition, our perfect knowledge of Hong Kong, thanks to our representative office on site, allows us to stay informed as much as possible and to be as close as possible to help you. Contact us!

To go further you can also read our article which lists the qualities of good insurance here.

Stay connected with your health insurance!

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