Privacy Policy



This privacy policy has been written to explain to users of our website and to our customers, what data we collect and how we use it in order to comply with local and international regulations. 

The terms “we”,”our” and “us” used on this page refer to the company Expatmedicare. Find the contact details of our company below: 

Data collection and processing and protection

In all areas related to data collection and protection, we strive to implement and follow best practices. Wherever possible, we have adopted practices that guarantee our compliance across borders. The information in this privacy policy meets or exceeds the following generally accepted data principles:  

  1. Personal data is treated fairly and legally – No data is processed if it is not necessary. Expatmedicare only collects and processes data when we need it for specified and lawful purposes. 
  2. Personal data must be relevant – The data collected by Expatmedicare is only that which is necessary, and nothing else. All requests made by customers or otherwise are processed immediately or within the next business day. 
  3. Personal data must be accurate – All data collected by Expatmedicare is believed to be accurate and all changes are updated as soon as possible. 
  4. All data stored by Expatmedicare is kept only as long as necessary or required by law. 
  5. Personal data will only be processed in accordance with local and international law 
  6. Expatmedicare uses robust IT solutions and standard operating procedures which ensure that all personal data is secure and accessible only to those who use it. 
  7. Personal data will only be shared if necessary – We will only share data with third parties if this is contractually necessary or legally required. We will not sell any of this data. 

What data is collected?

Expatmedicare, as a professional in international insurance brokerage is contractually obliged to collect and store certain personal data of potential and existing customers. The data collected is required by insurers to offer quotes, complete requests, subscribe and activate coverage. The data collected may include: 

  • Name (first, second and last) of all persons who may be covered by an insurance plan. 
  • Primary address policy holder. 
  • Contact details (telephone number, e-mail) of the main holder and or of the spouses. 
  • Age of all people covered by the plan 
  • Gender of all people covered by the plan 
  • Nationality of all people covered by the plan 
  • Job title of the primary policy holder 
  • Family structure If a family requests coverage 
  • Medical history of the primary policyholder as well as all family members (if the family requests coverage) 
  • Purchase history of one or more covers and insurance claims of the main contract holder. 
  • Information on the lifestyle of all people covered by the plan. 
  • Payment method details including credit card and bank account information 
  • Preferences related to the purchase of insurance products and services – This applies not only to potential or current customers with whom we deal directly, but also to family members for whom they act on behalf.

Data collection from children

Expatmedicare sells insurance coverage to families. This means that a child’s data can be collected, as contractually required by an insurer. With all the data collected for children under 18 years of age. In situations where we are dealing with a minor (anyone under the age of 18) as the primary policy holder (for example, a student going abroad), we will contact the parent or guardian of the minor and will ensure consent for the requested data is provided.

How is data collected by Expatmedicare?

Only the employees officially in charge of your file are authorized to collect, manage, store and use the personal data of users. 

All data collected by Expatmedicare is provided by users with their consent. User data can be collected on different media. The media on which Expatmedicare collects data include: 

  • Insurance quote forms on our website 
  • Email – This is the primary means of collecting application data. The data collected by this medium will only be collected if necessary / required / requested by an insurer or contractually required by law. 
  • Insurer request forms, or those created by Expatmedicare on behalf of an insurer, and other written documents. 
  • Telephone calls and verbal communication in person 
  • Text messages – chat / messaging applications. 
  • Online Forms – The data collected here is for marketing purposes and will never be shared with third parties unless consent is provided by the data holder or is legally requested by a government.

Consent to collect data

By using this website, you consent to the collection and use of your personal data as described in this document. This consent is considered entirely voluntary. You retain the right to refuse to provide your data as well as the right to request to view or delete the data that we have collected from you at any time. 

It is however important to note that the refusal to provide contractually necessary data or data that you are legally obliged to cover will result in our inability to offer you our products or services. 

If you wish to change / modify your consent, please follow us by email.

Why does Expatmedicare collect data?

Contractually necessary objectives / In order to take out an insurance policy with an insurer, a user must provide the information required by the application requirements of a insurance company.

How does Expatmedicare use the data collected?

We use the data collected from users to facilitate the sale, purchase, subscription, payment, administration, use and renewal of various insurance and financial products and services.

Does Expatmedicare share data?

All collected user data is only shared internally in our offices and with licensed insurance companies, insurance agents, third party administrators and third-party service providers affected as it directly applies to the wishes of the user. All personal data concerning a user is also available on request. We may also share the requested user information with government authorities, as required by local law and regulations. 

Expatmedicare does not share user data with third parties outside of insurance companies, insurance agents, third party administrators, third party service providers or relevant government agencies, and does not sell user data under any circumstances.

How long does Expatmedicare store the data?

Expatmedicare keeps data for as long as a user is a customer or can reasonably be considered a potential customer without having informed us of his intention to withdraw from any marketing communication. Beyond that, users who purchase products or services via Expatmedicare will have their data stored for up to seven years after the end of their activity with us, as this data may be necessary for reasons related to tax compliance, government and financial.

What control do I have over the data and how can I change my consent?

Users can be informed and modify all their data collected by us, as well as refuse to receive marketing promotions from us. You also keep the right to be forgotten (ask Expatmedicare to delete all your personal data) To do this, please send a notification to Expatmedicare at the following address: 


Users can contact us at @email


Failure to notify us of a desire to ” out” of the data base will be interpreted as an agreement allowing Expatmedicare to continue to use your personal data for  marketing. 

Is Expatmedicare data collection policy in compliance?

All Expatmedicare data collection, protection and use policies fully comply with international regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union and the draft data protection law. In addition, all users have the possibility to view and modify all user data submitted. Thus, it is unlikely that Expatmedicare privacy policy will cause objections or complaints.