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Misconceptions about insurance in Shanghai

If you are travelling or moving to Shanghai, it may be a good idea for you to understand how insurance works in the area. This will help you to not fall prey to the problems arising from the misconceptions about insurance in Shanghai. 

We help you get a clear picture through some frequently asked questions:

  1. Can I keep my current health insurance if I move to Shanghai?

It is possible, but in most cases, it is not. Go through your current insurance policy carefully to be sure it has international coverage. The local plans which you have been able to subscribe to in your country of residence will not cover your care if you move to Shanghai.

There are 2 possibilities for this:

– Your current insurer can also insure you in Shanghai: The Expatmedicare team can update your new country of residence with your insurer for you. This will prevent you from having to re-declare all your medical history and will allow you to keep continuity in the cover.

– Your current insurer cannot insure you in Shanghai: All you have to do is contact the Expatmedicare team in order to find the best solution for you, within your budget.

Note that if you return to your country of origin, you can keep your international health insurance, for at least as long as the waiting period, in order to regain the rights to the social security system that is in force in your country.

If you want to know more about the differences in health coverage between the local and the international plan, get in touch with us!

  1. Is a local plan in Shanghai enough to cover me and my family?

Yes, indeed. A local plan is enough to cover you and your family in Shanghai. Certain local plans even include the coverage of “High-Cost Providers” or so-called expensive clinics, which will allow you to get treatment in high-end hospitals and clinics. Certain local plans even have a dental, vision, and maternity package. This option is a good way to reduce your annual insurance premium.

However, this solution will not cover you outside of China. For this, you must then turn to international insurance which will cover you within the limits of your international coverage area with or without exclusion. So, it really depends on your needs and what seems to be your priority.

If we take the example of a trip to your country of origin or any other destination, you will not be covered and treated under a local Chinese plan, unless you have travel insurance. 

  1. Does my business insurance allow me to be covered like my country of origin?

Again, it is possible. You just need to check with your employer regarding what your business insurance includes. Some corporate insurance policies do not include outpatient costs, such as a visit to a doctor or a specialist. Still others do not cover all family members or do not cover you overseas. Most insurance provided by companies also has a limit on hospitalization which can be quite small.

  1. Are private hospitals preferable to public hospitals as these have a bad reputation?

Absolutely not. The difference between public and private hospitals has reduced considerably over the past 10 years, to the point where both now offer the same quality of care. The difference is only in the comfort of care. Private hospitals offer fewer queues, faster service, etc. as well as enable communication in English or sometimes, even in your mother tongue (doctors of all nationalities). It is possible to include private hospital coverage as needed, however, this will affect the price of your insurance premium.

  1. Does my health insurance cover pregnancy in Shanghai by default?

No, maternity coverage is still an option of basic health coverage which will also cover hospitalization and so-called outpatient medicine (general practitioner and specialist).

Without this option, all the costs related to your pregnancy (follow-up, childbirth, etc.) will be at your expense.

Find out everything about maternity insurance for expats in Shanghai.

  1. Is an international plan always the best solution?

It all depends on what you need. An international plan will be a good option if:

– You want to have children and wish to be covered for private hospital and clinic visits, for pre and postnatal care and childbirth.

– You plan to travel often and/or you want to move to another country.

International coverages are transferable to your new country of residence. This saves you the task of changing contracts and redeclaring your medical history.

  1. Are dental and vision insurance options imperative?

Again, it depends on your needs and your medical conditions. Some people very rarely go to the dentist or optician, and the price difference between an insurance policy with these options and one without, is often very high. It is a ratio calculation between the need to be covered to go to the dentist and the increase in the price of insurance.

If you have recurring dental problems (caries, toothache, etc.), it is best to subscribe to the dental option to be covered for this routine care. However, if this is not your case, it is probably best not to subscribe to these options. Note that dental procedures following an accident are reimbursed by most insurers.

  1. Can Expatmedicare recommend a health plan adapted to my needs?

Yes. Expatmedicare online is a professional and completely independent intermediary, specializing in the management of health and medical insurance issues for expatriates. We have been providing health and medical insurance advice since 2008. Looking after the interests of our clients is our priority.

  1. Do I necessarily have to use a broker?

Not necessarily, but that would be missing out on a free service. As an independent broker, we have selected, what are for us, the best insurers and the best plans on the market.

Our job will save you time, thanks to our specialized and impartial advice to find for you, the best offer at the best prices adapted to your needs.

You can count on our experience and expertise to help you review your current medical plan. You can also count on us to assess your needs and concerns, find the most suitable and cost-effective products, and provide you with a comparison. We also give you a clear explanation of the premium amount and benefits, provide recommendations and advice, assist your claim and complaints, and resolve any disputes between you and any insurer that we have recommended to you.

At Expatmedicare, we do our best to explain to you how insurance works and help you obtain a suitable policy. If you have any further questions or misconceptions about insurance in Shanghai, please contact us.

You can also visit our website to learn more about our services.

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