Maternity Insurance for Expats

Here’s what you need to know about a Maternity Insurance Plan for Expats in Singapore

A Maternity Insurance for Expats covers the costs of regular and cesarean deliveries up to the policy limit. This insurance coverage is typically included as a rider or add-on benefit to a standard health insurance policy. In this article we will discuss some key questions you keep asking yourself about maternity insurance. 

What is Maternity insurance for Expats ? 

Is it necessary to have Maternity Insurance for Expats in Singapore ?

When should maternity insurance for Expats be bough ?

Can foreigners buy Singapore hospital insurance ? 

How to pick the correct insurance plan ?

How much is maternity insurance in Singapore ? 

What does a maternity insurance plan cover ? 

What does a maternity insurance plan not cover ? 

What is Maternity Insurance for Expats in Singapore ?

Maternity insurance is intended to cover the costs related to a baby’s growth and birth, as well as postnatal care for both mother and child. Prenatal care includes doctor visits, ultrasounds, and blood tests.

Is it necessary to have Maternity Insurance for Expats In Singapore ?

Maternity insurance plans, which must be acquired as an add-on, protect you from the exorbitant costs of maternity care in Singapore.

When should maternity Insurance be bough ?

You should buy maternity insurance as soon as possible so that it can help protect you against any issues that may emerge throughout the pregnancy. You can also check with your company if the maternity coverage is included in the international group health insurance they bought. More information in this article


Maternity insurance can usually be purchased as early as the 13th week of your pregnancy. Because up to 80% of miscarriages occur during the first trimester, the 13-week milestone marks the conclusion of the first trimester, when the pregnancy is more stable. This is also the moment when couples tell their friends and family about their wonderful news!


This restriction also has an upper bound. Maternity insurance can be purchased through the 35th to 40th week of pregnancy, depending on the insurer. Keep in mind that age is another criterion for eligibility, with insurers requiring the mother to be between the ages of 18 and 45.

Another reason to buy maternity insurance sooner rather than later is that you pay the same rates whether you apply for it at 13 weeks or at the end of the pregnancy.

Can foreigners buy Singapore hospital insurance?

Yes, foreigners can obtain medical insurance in Singapore from private insurers. Foreigners can, also in fact, purchase expat (or local) health insurance in the form of an Integrated Shield Plan for Foreigners, which provides access to and coverage for medical treatments and expenses at Singaporean hospitals and medical facilities. Foreigners can also get international health insurance from insurance firms to cover their stay in Singapore and beyond. You can purchase the Integrated Shield Plan medical insurance for locals if you are a foreigner with Permanent Resident (PR) status in Singapore. But you should note that as a non-Singaporean, you cannot access the government sponsorship award, which limits local coverage for expats.


On the other hand, when it comes to medical insurance plans for work permit holders, the Ministry of Manpower requires employers to obtain medical insurance to protect the well-being of their international employees who hold a Work Permit or an S-Pass. Employers are required to obtain and maintain medical insurance coverage of at least $15,000 per year for each Work Permit or S-Pass holder. Expatmedicare can help your company review and change the insurance package. 


Expatmedicare can assist you with solutions by insuring foreign staff against hospitalisation, surgery, and other related costs.

How to pick the correct insurance plan ?

You may need to check on the terms and conditions covered, renewability, and waiting periods before settling for your insurance plan. Compare several plans ahead of time and ask your insurance broker for any questions you may have.

Because most pregnancy plans include a life insurance component, you may need to be prepared to obtain a life insurance policy as well. This implies that if you are already looking for a whole life or investment-linked policy, a maternity and life insurance plan may be a good fit. If you are not seeking for a new life insurance coverage, a single maternity policy may be more suitable. If you are considering purchasing a policy with a life insurance component, you should consult with an expert such as Expatmedicare or a financial consultant to ensure that the product will meet your and your baby’s future needs.


Once you’ve narrowed your search to the sort of insurance you desire, you may examine the advantages of several policies. For example, some insurers cover 18 congenital disorders, whereas others cover 23. While some plans will cover any type of pregnancy, others will refuse coverage or charge you more if you have had IVF. In addition, different insurers have varied eligibility periods, giving you more or less time to sign up for the coverage. Some insurers, for example, allow you to purchase the coverage as late as your 40th week of pregnancy, while others have an eligibility cut off at 32 weeks.


A comprehensive maternity insurance plan protects both the mother and the child from pregnancy problems and other ailments, as well as providing insurability for the child after birth. The experts at Expatmedicare’s make finding the correct maternity insurance plan for you in Singapore a breeze.

How much is maternity insurance in Singapore ?

You must ensure that you have enough cash on hand, because you can only pay premiums once. This is especially crucial if you are an older woman, as maternity plans for women over 40 can be really expensive.

Maternity insurance costs is not the same anywhere, depending on your location, the provider,  the plan and your particular qualifications. As a general rule, if you are younger and considered healthy, you will benefit  lower annual rates because you have lower risk than a woman over 35 for example who must pay a higher premium.


One of the best ways to find the best value is to looking for a CFE complementary. This solution is open to French, European and members of the EEA, and can reduce the prenium a lot. You can find all the information in our dedicated page.

What does a maternity insurance plan cover ?

Maternity insurance is a type of term insurance that covers pregnant women and their newborn children. Typically, coverage extends from 13 weeks of pregnancy to the third year of a child’s life. It encompasses pregnancy problems, congenital ailments, and death as a result of these conditions.

What does a maternity insurance plan not cover?

While exclusions vary per maternity insurance plan, there are a few instances that may be unprotected by maternity insurance. If any of these apply to you, please verify with your preferred provider to confirm coverage, if any:

  • IVF pregnancy
  • Women who are pregnant with two or more children
  • Treatment abroad
  • Women under the age of 18 and women over the age of 45

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