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Maternity insurance for expats in Shanghai

Having a child in Shanghai? You must have plenty of questions, especially because you’re having a baby away from home. Also, considering the fact that childbirth – without complications, can cost up to 100,000 RMB here! However, you simply need good maternity insurance for expats in Shanghai to keep you free from worry. So, there is nothing to prevent you from enjoying your pregnancy.

This article serves as a guide to help you know when and especially what to cover so that this event takes place in the best conditions. For instance, the waiting period to be considered, routine examinations, childbirth, how to cover the newborn, etc.

Looking forward to having kids? Prepare yourselves.

Preparation is key because procedures regarding pregnancy monitoring in China are completely different. So, it is important to be well informed about being monitored during pregnancy. If you do not speak Mandarin and in order to cope with the language barrier, it is possible to inquire with the French Embassy or with your insurer to find a doctor who speaks your language or English.

In Shanghai, you will have the choice between two types of medical structures: public or private. So, how do you know which medical structure to choose?

Public hospitals have managed to catch up with private hospitals in recent years, and provide a very good level of care. However, you will face the language barrier, long queues and the possibility of not being able to consult the same practitioner each time.

To remedy these problems, hospitals and private clinics offer a very high level of convenience, with practitioners who can speak your language and with personalized follow-ups. But this impacts the cost which can quickly go up to 100,000 RMB for an uncomplicated delivery. To be prepared for this expense, it is best to compare prices and check with your insurance company to find out what coverage is possible.

Preparation is more important if you look at the waiting periods of your maternity insurance. This is a very important point, because if your pregnancy is declared when you take out new insurance, it will not be covered. International health insurance always applies a waiting period between 10 and 24 months for maternity.

Is your baby on the way?

When you are pregnant, there are several prenatal tests you can do to monitor your baby’s development, and Shanghai clinics and hospitals very often offer packages with a set of counseling tests.

Here is an overview of the prenatal tests to be performed:

What happens if I subscribe and then decide to quit?

Once a package is purchased, there will be no refund unless the pregnancy is terminated for medical reasons. And when that happens, the tests and services rendered will be billed at the individual price. Some establishments will even add a 10% tax.

You are of course not obligated to sign a prenatal package with the hospital where you are going to give birth. You can actually lower the total cost by doing your prenatal care elsewhere, but the main thing is that you feel good.

Some tips to prepare for childbirth

  1. Shanghai Mamas: This website offers lots of useful information about motherhood in Shanghai. Their forum and WeChat accounts are very active and parents can easily share their experience. They also organise events giving you the opportunity to meet the community directly.
  2. The Shanghai Leche League (MuRuHui 母乳 会) provides free help and information on breastfeeding. They conduct monthly meetings in Puxi.
  3. Aqua Aerobics Shanghai offers aqua gym lessons before and after birth.
  4. You will find prenatal yoga in several yoga studios as well.
  5. The Shanghai International Mental Health Association provides emotional support.

When your baby arrives

If you have coverage:

The newborn will be covered from birth by adding it to the mother’s coverage within 30 days of birth. All possible complications will therefore be covered for the mother and the child. The coverage will follow the same conditions as the mother, therefore international coverage:

– The pediatrician’s fees will be fully covered, within the limit of the coverage purchased.

– Vaccinations will be covered, within the limit of coverage.

If you don’t have coverage:

In this case, it is impossible to add your newborn baby to coverage, so you will have to wait until after the child’s first 15 days to:

– Insure only the newborn (without an adult on the policy). This is often more expensive than family coverage, up to 20%.

– Choose a coverage for both you and your child. 

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At Expatmedicare, we do our best to explain to you how insurance works and help you obtain a suitable policy. If you have any questions regarding Shanghai maternity insurance for expats, please contact us or visit our website.

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