maternity in singapore

Maternity in Singapore

Do you want to have a child in Singapore ? And are you wondering about motherhood ? The cost ? The clinics? This is a comprehensive guide that will give you all the information and advices to help you through your maternity in Singapore.

When living abroad many questions arise when learning of the arrival of a future child. Good preparation is essential especially when you know that a childbirth can cost up to SGD 15,000, without complications!

But nothing prevents you from living well with your motherhood in Singapore. As long as you have anticipated the baby’s arrival. Here is a practical guide that will give you all the information and advice to help you through this important step.

Looking forward to having kids? :

The most important thing in motherhood abroad is preparation! Especially in Singapore, you have to be well informed and prepared. If you need advice, you can get more information from your Embassy. As well as with your insurer to find a doctor or clinic.

For maternity in Singapore, you will have the choice between two types of medical facilities: public or private.

So which one to choose? The care is excellent in the Singaporean hospitals, whether public or private. The difference is not noticeable. Singapore indeed has one of the best hospital networks in the world. The main difference is on the additional packages you can buy in private hospitals and the luxury they provide.

maternity clinics in singapore

Unlike European clinics, it is not necessary to reserve your room in advance. A few weeks are enough before the happy event. However, the clinic will ask you for a “deposit” a few days before.

Be careful, the price of private hospitals can turn out to be much higher. Here is an example of the prices in Singapore:

maternity prices

* Source MOH, based on 50th percentile bill.

Maternity insurance:

Overall health is expensive in Singapore, so having a child is too. It depends on several factors, such as the price of the clinic or the costs of doctors. It is therefore essential to have good insurance in order to cover this happy event.

In a public hospital:

between 5,000 and 7,000 SGD for a natural childbirth
between 6000 and 9000 SGD for a cesarean section in a public hospital.

In a private hospital:

between 12,000 and 15,000 SGD
between 16,000 and 25,000 SGD for a cesarean section.

The prices indicated do not include any complications. Often 100% covered by your insurance, these complications can dramatically increase the maternity price. You must therefore pay attention to this when choosing your cover.

Do you want to have a child ? Don’t forget the maternity insurance !

Motherhood in Singapore requires good preparation. Especially if we take a look at the waiting periods for your maternity insurance. This is a very important point;

  • If your pregnancy is declared before taking out new insurance, it will not be covered.
    International health insurances always apply a waiting period. On average between 10 and 24 months for maternity.
  • It is therefore essential to be well informed and study the proposals upstream. If you want to study the options with professionals, you can contact us here

Baby is coming: What are the steps?

When you are pregnant. There are a number of prenatal tests that need to be done to monitor the baby’s development. Clinics and hospitals in Singapore very often offer packages with a set of counseling tests. The Gynecologists and Obstetricians doctors in Singapore are accredited and certified, by the Specialist Accreditation Board of the Ministry of Health. This guarantees the quality of care you will receive.

First, let’s see an overview of the prenatal tests to be performed:
maternity test

To perform these tests, you have to find the right doctor. Monthly appointments will be scheduled. The number of exams varies greatly between clinics and doctors. Be careful therefore to over-consumption of appointments, which will increase the overall price.

Note that testing for toxoplasmosis is not mandatory in Singapore, rather the disease is there.

For this you can make an appointment with a gynecologist. To find a recognized gynecologist in Singapore, you can go to the website of the Ministry of Health.

Preparation is  important when you look at the waiting periods for your maternity insurance. This is a very important point, because if your pregnancy is declared when you take out new insurance, it will not be covered. International health insurances always apply a waiting period between 10 and 24 months for maternity.


For your maternity hospital in Singapore, you can choose how you want to give birth:

  • It is possible to opt for a cesarean section. If requested, you will then be able to choose the date of delivery. The staff will take care of everything. And your doctor will hide you so that everything runs smoothly. As for your spouse, not being admitted to the operating room, he can wait in the comfortable waiting rooms of the hospital equipped with wifi, go shopping or go to a restaurant… on the premises of the establishment.
  • For a natural childbirth. Go to the clinic you have chosen previously. Remember to call the doctor who is taking care of you.
  • It is possible to give birth in water, or even at home! Check with your doctor if you like this process.

Some useful links:

Baby is there, how to cover it?

If you have coverage:

The mother’s coverage will cover the newborn within 30 days after the birth. All the maternity insurance cover the possible complications for both mother and child. The coverage will follow the same conditions as the mother, therefore international coverage:

  • The pediatrician will be fully covered, within the limit of the coverage.
  • The insurance will cover the vaccination, within the limit of coverage.
If you don’t have coverage:

In this case, it is impossible to add your newborn baby to coverage, so you will have to wait until the child’s first 15 days to:

  • Insure only the newborn (without an adult on the policy). Often more expensive than family coverage, up to 20%.
  • Choose a insurance for you and your child, and get the family package.

Few tips to reduce your coverage here

To help you choose the right maternity insurance in Singapore. You can ask your insurance broker who will advise you and help you make the right decision.

You can contact us here

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