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Why choose an international group health insurance for your expatriate employees?

Whether you are an employer or part of human resources, the question of finding international health insurance for your employees can be a long and tedious task. Indeed, there are many solutions on the market. To find your way, it is often necessary to call on professionals.

So many questions that we will answer.

In some countries, a contribution to the local social security system is compulsory. But this does not always represent comprehensive and ideal health coverage. Indeed, very few social security systems allow access to reimbursements for foreigners, even if contributions are paid, and are even less usable internationally. Even if the purchase of an international health insurance is not compulsory, it remains essential in the management of the personnel of your company.

Here are the answers to questions about international group health insurance, and see how Expatmedicare can help you in your search.

Many elements must be taken into account, such as the size of the company and the number of employees, the budget allocated, the durations, the coverage envisaged, the possible coverage structures or the country or countries of destination.

Is it mandatory in the targeted country(ies) ?

International group medical coverage will never be compulsory. Only the social security of the country in question can be, but will not always enough to cover your teams optimally.

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Why is it important to cover my expatriate teams ?

This is a question that comes up very often. Indeed, it is not always mandatory to offer international group health insurance to your employees abroad. You must therefore first look at the status of your employees, they can be employed locally or seconded. This greatly differentiates the parameters because unlike a seconded person, the expatriate comes under the local regime of the country of destination.

In both cases, offering international group insurance within your company represents an added value for the management of its human resources. Indeed, this drastically reduces the turnover of your company, increasing the happiness and loyalty of your employees while, in another sense, being an added value for many interesting profiles that you would like to recruit.

It is also a way to increase your production, by allowing your employees to have
access to better care but also to speed up procedures by allowing them to go to private hospitals. In some countries, public hospitals are often overcrowded and waste valuable time for your employees, while not offering the comfort necessary for a quick recovery.

What cost does this entail ?

There is a lot of data to take into account to answer this question. Between two different countries it can go from simple to double. But what is important to know is that the cost will be lower than the accumulation of an individual insurance policy.

Would you like to receive a cost estimate? The Expatmedicare teams will be able to answer your questions regarding the cost of your international group health insurance.

how to properly cover your expatriate employees?

There are several ways to properly cover your employees:

    • Individual international health insurance, at the 1st euro or in addition to CFE, but it is often preferable to go through international group medical insurance to reduce the total amount.
    • With local group medical insurance, which represents very good value for money. But which does not allow care provided outside the country of residence, or so with difficulty.
    • International group health insurance, often more expensive than local offers, does however offer more services as well as more global coverage.
    • International group health insurance in top up of CFE. This solution is often the best  value for money possible as well as the most stable possible. To see the benefits of it, you can read this article.
    • Professional travel insurance, to cover your employees during their travels abroad. More info here

Are there other professional insurance policies?

There are many insurances that can cover your professional risks and be vital for your business, even mandatory. Expatmedicare being an international health insurance professional, we have created a privileged partnership with Cléma Risk Solutions, in order to answer these questions.

Cléma Risk Solutions is a professional insurance intermediary dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses, expert in business risk management. Whether you are looking for professional liability, cybersecurity or other insurance essential to the proper functioning of your business abroad.

Would you like to receive a cost estimate? Do you looking for an  audit of yours current professional insurances ? Promote your product or professional insurance to a client?

The Cléma Risk Solutions teams will be able to answer your questions. More information on their website here

Why choose Expatmedicare to help you find your international group health insurance?

Experts in international individual and group health insurance since 2007, Expatmedicare is the ideal structure to understand your needs and find, with you, the tailor-made solution. We have also selected the best partners to support your teams throughout their expatriations.

Our teams of experts offer to help you step by step in the purchase of your international health insurance for the stays of your employees abroad whatever the country, the duration and the selection criteria by choosing the most adapted to your needs, whether it is a short or long stay.

We offer you a step-by-step approach allowing us to collect as much information as possible in order to offer you the best possible solutions. In summary, our approach consists of the following steps.

    1. Discuss your company, about your  needs and the context as well as the profile of your employees to guide you on the best solution
    2. Collect the information we need for our analysis.
    3. Sending of the 1st proposals.
    4. Discussion with you and your teams to readjust the offers and find the best solution

Finally, we formalize the project, and we help you throughout the contract in its management by making the link between you and the insurer. At the end of a contract, we will perform a benchmarking to be sure that you have the best solution.

Each study is unique. So there is no set formula. We put all our know-how and expertise into each project.

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