Pre-existing conditions problems in expatriation

How to cover my pre-existing condition problems in expatriations?

More and more people choose to work and live abroad, whether for professional or personal reasons. However, for people with pre-existing conditions problems in expatriation, getting insurance as an expat can be a real challenge.

Indeed when you take out international health insurance, it is important to understand the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. One of the most important conditions to be aware of is the pre-existing conditions clause. This clause concerns people who have pre-existing health conditions and can have a significant impact on their ability to obtain insurance.

In this article, we will look at the options available to people with pre-existing condition issues while abroad.

What is a pre-existing condition?

First, it is important to understand what a pre-existing condition is. A pre-existing condition is a medical condition or medical condition that existed before you purchased insurance. Pre-existing conditions can include medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and chronic illnesses, as well as illnesses that are cured or in remission but may pose a risk to the insurer.

Because yes indeed we are talking here about an apparent risk for the insurer. When a person with a pre-existing condition purchases insurance, the insurance company views that person as having a higher risk of making claims.

It is for this reason that the insurer will systematically ask you to complete a medical questionnaire, in order to judge the degree of risk to which it is exposed by accepting your file. Indeed insurance companies remain businesses, they need to minimize risk in order to keep profits stable.

More risk = Less profit = Additional premium or refusal to take charge of the file

It is important to seek advice from your international insurance brokerage firm. Their expertise can help you find the best solutions. If you do not have one, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the link below.

Waiting periods to avoid pre-existing conditions?

Waiting periods refer to a specified waiting period during which a person cannot receive certain benefits or benefits. These waiting periods are commonly used in the context of insurance and social security schemes.

In the field of insurance, a waiting period is an initial period during which the insured cannot make a claim for certain expenses or specific situations. For example, in international health insurance, there may be a 30-day waiting period for new enrolments, which means that the insured will not be able to receive certain medical benefits for the first 30 days after enrolment.

In conclusion, the waiting periods have been created to avoid certain pre-existing conditions, such as a dental emergency or back problems. We do not take out insurance because we are ill, but to cover a risk. The best-known waiting period is that for maternity, which is often between 10 and 12 months.

I have a pre-existing condition problems in expatriation. What alternatives can I consider?

As an expat with pre-existing conditions problems in expatriation, it is important to consider costs and insurance options before going abroad.

Indeed in the majority of cases it will be almost impossible for you to find an international health insurance that will agree to cover your pre-existing conditions.

Here are some options available to expats with a pre-existing condition:

Cover only the essentials:
You have a pre-existing condition and you cannot find any insurer willing to cover you at a reasonable price or even cover you at all. It is possible to reduce the benefits of your coverage to cover only hospitalization and critical illnesses. Indeed, some insurers will accept more easily to cover only the hospitalization costs which represent a lower risk than an all-inclusive insurance.

Use your company’s insurance:
The simplest solution will be to enter the international group insurance plan of the company that hires you. Finally, to facilitate the process, most insurers offer the possibility of subscribing to group insurance without a medical questionnaire. Allowing you to be covered without taking into account your pre-existing condition problems in expatriation. More information here

The CFE:
Open to French people who are expatriates, as well as to all nationals of the EEA (European Economic Area), the CFE allows coverage without a medical questionnaire. More information on
However, the CFE alone will not be sufficient to fully cover you because reimbursements are indexed to those of French social security. It will then be necessary to find a complementary CFE. More information in this article


In conclusion, getting insurance with pre-existing conditions problems in expatriation can be a real challenge. However, there are options available for expats with pre-existing conditions. It is important to research thoroughly to find suitable coverage for your pre-existing condition issues in expatriation and to carefully read the terms and conditions of the insurance policy to understand the exclusions and limitations of the coverage offered.

It is also advisable to speak to an insurance advisor for advice on how best to insure yourself as an expat with a pre-existing condition. Not having adequate coverage can lead to serious financial consequences, including financial ruin and forced return to your home country for healthcare.

The difficulty of finding international health insurance while having a pre-existing condition proves once again that it is important to be insured and above all well insured as soon as possible. Having found the international insurance appropriate to your profile and able to accompany you throughout your life as an expatriate is essential. Don’t wait for pre-existing conditions to appear to find the right insurance.

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