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How to buy international health and medical insurance in easy steps

International health and medical insurance, also called expat medical insurance, offers a comprehensive healthcare cover for people living or working outside their home country for a period of one year or longer. 

Such insurance may be purchased directly from the insurer, or from an intermediary like Expatmedicare. Of course, there are advantages in obtaining it from an independent intermediary representing various insurers. They will be able to sift through and compare various policies to pick out the best products to suit your needs. 

Here are the steps involved in buying international health and medical insurance:

  1. Proposal

The intermediary will first evaluate your requirements, research the market for suitable, cost-effective products and shortlist the best insurers for you. They will then provide you with a comparative analysis and an explanation of the premium and benefits, in order to help you make your choice.  

  1. Finalize decision

Once you have made your choice of insurer, the intermediary will assist you with your application.

  1. Health declaration

When you apply for the international health and medical insurance policy, you will need to fill out a medical questionnaire. Ask your intermediary in case you have any doubts regarding any of the questions.

  1. Application sent to the insurer

Once the insurer receives your application, they will study it and either approve, reject it or approve with premium loading to cover pre-existing medical conditions. 

  1. Approval of application

If approved, you will have 14 – 30 days within which you can cancel or change your policy. If you decide to cancel, your entire amount will be refunded, unless any claim has been made.

Also, there is certain information that you need to understand thoroughly after you purchase your policy. Ensure that you go through it in detail. 

  1. Make a claim

When the need arises, make a claim. The cost of medical treatment can either be paid directly by your insurer, or you could make a payment and claim the amount later. 

In the event that you and your intermediary-recommended insurer have a dispute over a claim, the intermediary will assist you in cases of legitimate disputes. 

  1. Renewal of contract

The intermediary will assist you with the contract renewal formalities.

Simply follow these steps to buy international health and medical insurance. As you can see, most of the heavy lifting is all done by the intermediary. 

At Expatmedicare, our aim is to look after your interests. If you would like to know how to buy international health and medical insurance or have any questions regarding the same, please contact us or visit our website



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