Hong Kong health system

Hong Kong health system

You are planning to move to Hong Kong or lived there for a long time. It is important to understand the local health system. The care provided is a high standard, the hospitals are at the cutting edge of technology and the doctors extremely qualified. The Hong Kong health system is one of the best in the world.

With this article we will review the Hong Kong health system and see how to receive the best care.

Some useful information

Vaccinations: No specific vaccination to enter in the country. But it is recommended to have your vaccination calendar up to date.

Emergencies: (police, fire brigade, ambulance): 999

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List of Hong Kong hospitals

The Hong Kong health system

Many existing studies on health care in Hong Kong all agree on the same point. Hong Kong’s health care system is excellent. In a 2016 survey by the Bloomberg agency, Hong Kong’s healthcare system was the best in the world.

This is due to excellent care quality, good equipment, and qualified doctors. They are also very open to alternative medicine, such as acupuncture and herbal remedies. In addition, most of the doctors were trained in Anglo-Saxon universities and speak fluent English.

Private system or public system

Hong Kong’s health system is based on two systems. A public system, funded in part by the state, and a private system that is faster thanks to shorter wait times. But it is also more expensive to see a doctor in a private hospital.

In Hong Kong there are 43 public establishments and 12 private clinics. To choose between these two solutions, it is important to know the differences.

  • Public sector: Whether in the public or the private sector, doctors in Hong Kong all have the same level of education, and are therefore equally qualified. However, since public hospitals are less expensive, they attract more people. This reduces waiting times less and sometimes makes it difficult to make an appointment.
  • Private sector: unlike public establishments, the private sector offers more flexibility and shorter waiting times. You can easily find a specialist who will accept to see you during the day, while waiting times can reach several weeks in the public.

By following this information, the private sector seems more adequate on many points. However we did not mention the price. The price of consultations and hospital stays is not regulated by an institution and can easily reach enormous sums.

In fact, in the ranking of the most expensive systems in the world, we can find Hong Kong second, behind the USA.

Do not forget to check the cost of medical expenses for the establishments you wish to consult!

Overview of medical costs in Hong Kong

Expatriate health insurance in Hong Kong

To cover the high costs of the Hong Kong health care system, it is imperative to have an insurance. There are three types of insurance in Hong Kong, local insurance, international insurance and CFE.

– Local insurance: Local insurance has the advantage of being much cheaper than private insurance. In fact, coverage is only limited to Hong Kong, which reduces the risk for the insurer. However, in the event of a health problem, your contributions can be severely impacted.

– International insurance: As their name suggests, these insurances cover you in most countries of the world. They also usually have an insurance report and emergency evacuation that can come in handy in an accident abroad. Thus, if you prefer to be treated in your country of origin or another country in the event of a specific pathology, your medical expenses will be covered. The ceilings are also much higher and allow you to have a wider choice of practitioners and treatments you wish to receive. Finally, the third-party payment networks are important.

– Complementary to CFE: As a French person or spouse of a French expatriate, it is possible to subscribe to the CFE. Our guide to CFE here. This could be an excellent value for money by compared to other insurances. Thanks in fact to a low price, with a low annual increase and a wide coverage.

Prepare your expatriation

How to find this insurance?

The easiest way is to compare all the offers one by one. But the waste of time will be considerable.

To help you in this process, be help by a broker is often the most advantageous solution, because they can give you advice and direct you to the right insurance.

Our team of experts can help you with this process, and help you to find the perfect insurance for your needs. In addition, our perfect knowledge of Hong Kong, thanks to our representative office on site, allows us to stay informed as much as possible and to be as close as possible to help you. Contact us!

You can also read our article which lists the qualities of good insurance here.

Stay connected with your health insurance!

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