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Hong Kong Covid-19 Vaccine Information

It has now been more than a year since the world discovered the global Covid-19 pandemic, and the main concern and knowing where is how to get vaccinated. To fight against this virus, and hope for a return to normalcy as quickly as possible, here are the all the Hong Kong Covid-19 Vaccine Information:


What vaccine can I have in Hong Kong?

As in the rest of the world, it is possible to find several types of Vaccine in Hong Kong since February 2021 that have been approved for use.

However, it is currently not possible to choose the vaccine in Hong Kong. We must be careful with people at risk, according to current recommendations on vaccination, only so-called live attenuated vaccines are contraindicated in these people. But the other vaccines, qualified as inert, are feasible and most anti-covid-19 vaccines can therefore be practiced.

People at risk:

  • People with severe allergies to drugs
  • Pregnant women
  • People who are immunocompromised (such as people with cancer)


Hong Kong:

  • Sinovac and BioNtech since February / March 2021
  • Astra Zeneca in the second half of the year
  • Vaccines distributed via  in the 4th quarter


  • Sinopharm and BioNtech since February / March 2021
  • Astra Zeneca in the second quarter
  • Vaccines distributed via Covax in the 4th quarter

Who can get vaccinated and when?

Vaccination will be voluntary and not compulsory in the general population, with priority in the two territories displayed for the elderly and those on the front line. Since March 15th, the vaccination was opened to all the population over 30 years old.

Foreigners are not the subject of any special mention and are therefore included in the campaign at this stage.

How to make an appointment?

It is possible in public hospitals, private clinics and practices, nursing homes and community health centers in Hong Kong. For more Hong Kong Covid-19 Vaccine Information, and / or to make an appointment:

In Macao, it is possible in public hospitals and clinics. For more information on the vaccination campaign in Macau:

How much does the vaccine cost?

On the territory:

If you are covered by Hong Kong Social Security health insurance you may receive the same treatment as all insured Hong Kong citizens, otherwise it will be at your expense.

Only tourists and holders of short-term residence permits will not have access to vaccination.


Prices can vary from single to double depending on the country, which is why we advise you to check whether your current insurance includes the price of the vaccination for you and your family.

While waiting to get vaccinated

The best way to fight this virus, while waiting to get vaccinated, is still to apply the barrier gestures recommended by governments around the world, and to carry out regular tests.

Even if the vaccine is freely available, it is necessary to ensure that you have good coverage in case you want to be vaccinated in your country of origin or even to carry out regular tests to ensure your good health.

Our experts can help you in this process and check if your insurance meets all your needs.

Contact us to know more.

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