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Expatriate insurance in Senegal

It is very necessary for you to take out international health insurance, when you are considering a stay of a certain duration in Senegal. Indeed, according to the health system for foreigners in Senegal, you must take insurance adapted to your situation, whatever the reason for your stay.

The health system in Senegal for foreigners

In Senegal, the Senegal Social Security Fund (CSS) only covers work and family health benefits. She does not provide health care outside of work. Despite the improvement in the health system, there are still inequalities in the distribution of doctors. The city of Dakar has most of them. This considerably reduces their number in the rest of the country (especially in rural areas).

With this situation, it is recommended that foreigners go to the medical centers advised by the embassies in case of illness. This will allow them to ensure the quality of medical treatment. Indeed, the majority of doctors working in these centres have an international license. This licence is borderless and allows them to travel around the world to treat patients.

Health insurance administered by other organizations is allocated according to the different classes of the population. Thus, we have:

  • Sickness insurance institutes: for employees of private companies (for nationals and expatriates)
  • Status: for medical expenses supported at 4/5 for public servants
  • Free public health care for people over 60 and children under five (only for nationals)
  • Mutual health insurance for the self-employed and all persons in the informal sector

Should you take health insurance in Senegal?

To that question, it would be fair to say yes. However, it is important to note that the non-proportional distribution of physicians, the remoteness of areas from the main city are factors that really affect the quality of health care.

So if you live in a remote area, and without health insurance, your health is not protected. It is therefore important for you to take out health insurance in Senegal if you are an expatriate or just a traveller. This will protect you from unpleasant surprises in case of illness. Repatriation must be the first guarantee when underwriting.

What is the best expat insurance in Senegal?

The choice of expatriate insurance depends on several criteria such as the need in terms of medical coverage, your situation in Senegal, etc. So there is not a single insurance formula common to all. Expatmedicare proposes to accompany you in your choice.

We’ll help you choose the right medical coverage for your situation and budget. Indeed, our advisors offer you different insurance choices.

Among the guarantees, include the assumption of hospitalization at 100% of the actual costs, the assumption of civil liability, civil liability and the assumption of repatriation.

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