Disability Income Protection

Disability Income Protection

WHAT is disability income protection?

Disability income protection is an insurance policy covering part of your salary (usually 75%) in case of a disability that impacts your ability to perform your daily job. What will happen if you are away from work for a long period of time? As an expatriate, working abroad comes with many additional expenses like school fees, rental or insurance premiums.  Having the freedom to make the choice to stay despite a temporary health issue requires being able to secure your income, even if you are no longer able to perform your duty. 

How does it work?

Disability income protection will cover your salary following a disease or an accident which enables you to perform your work. You will be subject to a waiting period from 1 to 6-month prior to any payment. The payment can last over 2 years, and up to the age of retirement (usually 65 years old) if you can prove that you are unable to return to any form of paid activity with your experience, training and education.  Premium for Income Protection will be adjusted based on your age. 

How to get disability income protection?

First check if your company already offers this coverage: it can be included in your benefits package. If this is not the case, you can get quotes from international insurers. Premium is based on your monthly salary and age. 

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