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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What is it exactly?

Today in France, one out of eight women has a risk of developing breast cancer during her life. Every year, 54 000 new cases are detected and close to 12 000 women die from it. Since 1994 in France, Breast Cancer Awareness month is a yearly campaign which raises awareness about breast cancer screening, the first cause of death through cancer for women, and to collect funds for scientific and medical research. Where does this solidarity initiative come from? What are the dates of the 2021 edition? How to make a donation to support the research?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What is it?

Evelyn Lauder, icon of the cosmetic world who suffered from the diseases, created the movement in the early 90s in the United States. She also founded the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Every year for 26 years, October is the month dedicated to this fight against breast cancer. From the 1st to the 31st of October, health professionals, NGOs, and associations gather throughout the world around screening information for breast cancer. Gatherings like races, auctions, collections of bras and other events are organised. Everything’s goal is to raise funds towards scientific and medical research. 

The totality of funds gathered will be given entirely to associations that help and support people with breast cancer as well as research.

Free or discounted screening campaigns are also available throughout the world.

The story of the pink ribbon

Drawing its inspiration from the red ribbon against aids, Alexandra Penne, editor of the magazine Self, thinks of a pink ribbon to designate the fight against breast cancer.

Evelyn Lauder, vice president of the company Estée Lauder overbids by displaying pink ribbons in every store of the brand.

Today, the pink ribbon is the international symbol of the fight against breast cancer. Wearing a pink ribbon is a way to display your commitment in the fight against breast cancer as well as your solidarity towards those affected by the disease.

Dates of Breast Awareness Month 2021

From the 1st to the 31st of October. For a month, many events take place to support medical and scientific research.

Odyssea Race

Every year around the world, the association Odyssea organizes a race for the cause. This race, which you can also do online, shows the commitment of runners and their support over multiple kilometers. Odyssea then gives the funds gathered from paid entry to associations fighting against breast cancer.

How to donate?

It is possible to donate through different paid events, but it is also possible to donate directly online :

Moreover, many solidarity brands offer limited editions, and exclusive products with revisited packaging. A portion of the benefits goes to research associations.

I am an expatriate, does my insurance cover breast cancer?

Usually yes. It is however better to be careful and check if your insurance does take in charge this type of pathology. Be also wary of the insurance coverage ceiling. Cancer is a condition that requires intensive treatments, often extremely expensive. It is important to note that some insurers accept to cover only one major disease, thus making impossible to cover you for a relapse. 

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