The health costs in Morocco

In Morocco, the health system is made with the public sector and the private sector. While the public sector includes just over 2,500 health centers and nearly 144 hospitals, the private sector is made up of approximately 7,000 private practices and 450 clinics. Today, the Moroccan health system is in full reform, in particular with […]

The Cost of Health in Vietnam

With a population of 92.7 million, Vietnam is increasingly innovating in the field of medicine. The country welcomes doctors from all over the world and is increasingly developing its technologies. The cost of health care in Vietnam is very affordable, especially for expatriates, whether in public or private establishments. We explain everything about the cost […]

Singapore’s Hospital prices

What precisely are the differences in price between public and private hospitals? To showcase these differences, we will conduct a comparison between the Gleneagles private hospital, and the Singapore General Hospital, a public one. These are good examples for their respective sector. All public hospitals have the same prices. Private hospitals in Singapore have similar […]

Singapore expatriate health insurance

In Singapore, a good expatriate health insurance is important in order to use its health system. The health care in the country is known as one of the best in the world, but also one of the most expensive. Having the right coverage will allow you to access the different options the system has, to […]