The importance of death and disability insurance for expatriates

When considering moving abroad, many financial and administrative questions arise. Among these, the importance of death and disability benefits for expatriates is often underestimated. However, this is a crucial issue that deserves special attention. What is the death and disability benefit? Why is this important for expats? How to choose the best death and disability […]

Health Insurance Options for Retired Expatriates: A Comprehensive Guide for Peace of Mind

Living abroad as a retired expatriate offers many exciting opportunities, but it is essential to take measures to protect your health. As a retiree, having adequate health insurance is important to address unforeseen medical expenses. In this article, we will explore different health insurance options available for retired expatriates to help you choose the best […]

International Health Group Insurance: Why Should I Get One for My Company?

As a company grows, so does the number of employees required to sustain its activities, opening the topic of health benefits employers need to consider. Health insurance is an attractive benefit that not only secures your employees’ medical needs but will also bring and sustain them. But what exactly is international group health insurance? You […]

Expatriate health insurance in South Africa

In South Africa, public and private health care systems coexist. Most public hospitals, like the private ones, offer quality care. But their accessibility is made difficult by the long waiting time due to the high number of patients. Health insurance is therefore important for expatriates. How is the access to health care for foreigners? What […]

Expatriate insurance in Senegal

It is very necessary for you to take out international health insurance, when you are considering a stay of a certain duration in Senegal. Indeed, according to the health system for foreigners in Senegal, you must take insurance adapted to your situation, whatever the reason for your stay. The health system in Senegal for foreigners […]

Hanoi health system

Are you looking for health insurance in Vietnam, specifically in Hanoi? It is first necessary to find out about the local health system. This article is for people who want to live in Hanoi or who have already settled there. In addition, we explain how the health system works in Hanoi as well as the […]