Annual Travel Insurance


WHAT is annual travel insurance?

Annual travel insurance is meant to cover all outbound trips (trips outside of your country of residence) during the year. It is usually not limited to a number of trips overseas but each plan will limit the number of days for each trip (usually maximum 30 days per trip). Annual travel insurance will, like single trip insurance, cover the medical expenses that may arise during your trip, but it can also include accident insurance, as well as emergency evacuation, loss of luggage, trip cancellation or delays. It will cover both personal and business trips. With annual travel insurance, you don’t need to inform the insurer for each trip done during the policy year, so you are always covered: the best option for frequent travellers.

WHY you should consider annual travel insurance?

If you are covered by international health insurance or a local medical plan, your policy may have some limitations, like an area of coverage restriction (plan covering only your country of residence, Asia or worldwide excluding USA) or existing coverage may not be enough to cover medical fees in the country you will visit, so buying an annual travel insurance will allow you to cover the gaps in your current policy. Also, you may not have included the evacuation part in your international health insurance or local plan so travel insurance will be needed when travelling abroad and cover the costs of medical evacuation to the nearest hospital or back to your country of residence. 

Even if you have back home a comprehensive coverage and all your medical expenses overseas are covered, you may consider travel insurance for the accident insurance part, or coverage for lost luggage and travel delays which won’t be covered in your existing health insurance plan.

HOW to obtain Annual travel insurance?

Annual travel insurance is an affordable insurance and many sites will offer you various policies. At Expatmedicare, we have selected for you a product from IHI Bupa which you can buy online: the price is reasonable and benefits are ajustables based on your needs. More important, IHI the Bupa service is reactive and offers a first-class experience. Select the level of plan you need and get insured immediately!

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